Vancouver: Where to go for Breakfast

Vancouver: Where to go for Breakfast

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Can I ever be bored with breakfast in Vancouver?

Even during my annual 10 day trips, I can go to a different place every day and still not fit all my favourites in:

Century Plaza – The Benedicts, the French Toast, the perfect 5 star service! I would eat breakfast here more often, if it wasn’t the hotel I stay in! I like to get out for breakfast. It’s an incentive get up and out although I prefer breakfast later in the morning. On a regular day at home, it tends to be as late as 11am.

Tim Horton’s – the Canadian intuition found in several locations serves up a fast, low-budget hot breakfast.

Chez Faye – in Yaletown is a quiet yet busy café and one of my favourites for pancakes. This is a place to relax into reading – they tend to have loads of interior design magazines for me to devour – or get straight onto the laptop after a satisfying meal.

Joe’s Grill – my first favourite brunch place and I still go there at least once on every trip. There are others but the one in English Bay will always be home, especially for weekend pancakes.

If you’re wondering who the orange dude is, that’s our friend #SmileyLittleDude AKA Not Morph!

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