Movie – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I forgot I saw this movie as soon as I came out of the theatre. That doesn’t mean it was bad, after all the bad ones linger a lot longer than the good ones. It’s what you expect from Disney, watchable escapism and because it’s Disney, it’s for all ages.

The basic story is the Sorcerer (Nicholas Cage) has spent thousands of years trapping all that is bad in the world in a Russian doll, layer upon layer (if only we could do that). There’s one problem in that the evilest of all, Morgana, can still be awakened and there’s only one person that can actually eradicate her.

Therefore he also spends thousands of years searching for this one person, his apprentice. Cut to 2000 and he finds him, only to lose the kid again to 10 ten years of therapy.

Fast forward to 2010 and the action begins as now the twenty year old geek who thought he was seeing things as a ten year old starts believing in the magic, thanks to the Sorcerer, who himself has been locked in an urn all this time.

Include the girl of his dreams as is the rule in these movies otherwise the hero has no one to save and we have some good clean – totally clean, family fun. The evil who wants to rekindle his partnership with Morgana is also trapped in the urn and so the race begins as to who can get there first, the evil man to release her or the sorcerer’s apprentice to exterminate her.

Set in modern day New York, Cage is made for the role, although I say that every time.

8/10    Smile factor 8½/10

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