Movie – Murder on the Orient Express

Movie – Murder on the Orient Express

 Everyone has a past

I’m sure I watched films and TV series on this as a kid but I can’t recall anything to make a direct comparison with this humorous 2017 take.

With the all-star-cast that director and star Kenneth Brannah brings, we know we are in for a treat. The scene is set in Istanbul where super-detective Poirot is about to bizarrely, publicly announce his findings from a criminal case.

I immediately like this character because like me, he likes order. To him it’s a flaw, to me it’s, well, normal.

Poirot is about to go on holiday when he is booked for another case and so instead boards the Orient Express, managed by his friend, playboy turned train manager. But of course, a murder happens and an on-board who-dun-it ensues.

I’ve had a love for overnight train journeys for years and this time last I was about to embark on the train journey of my life, the birthday treat of an overnight from Montreal to Quebec. That’s all I could think about as we are introduced to the huge cast as they step on to the train and walk through the beautifully 5 star luxury. (The VIA from Montreal to Nova Scotia wasn’t quite silver service but it was 5 star excellence and not quite wood panelled lounge but practical plastic, but still, I will never forget it).

The film is difficult to fault and with the large cast only having minutes of screen time each, no character was annoying and if you haven’t the book, we definitely don’t know who dunnit until the closing scenes, which came with a beautiful message.

So a character who is organised, a train full of glamour and travel. What’s not to like?

Poirot would have loved Muji.


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