Film – Mindhorn

Film – Mindhorn

What do you get when there is a washed out 1980s TV star and a potential killer on the loose? This consistently silly and sometimes funny caper, that’s what.

Detective Mindhorn is so-called because he has a fake eye detector, or at least I hope so. He is played by Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barratt) in the series who has faltered since that role whereas his nemesis (played by Steve Coogan) who had a smaller role has managed to build a lucrative franchise.

Living in a little 1-bed in London, far from the Hollywood hills, Richard pleads with his agent to get him back in the game but she’s even managed to lose him the TV advertising contract advertising socks. Worth the stereotypical agent scene though for the lovely cameo from Simon Callow and another awkward moment features Kenneth Brannagh casting for a film wondering why a white guy has turned up for a black Jamaican role.

Then an opportunity comes up to help the police back in his home town, where improbably, his nemesis has a country house and his one true love is still living with a daughter and her partner, the Mindhorn stunt man. The police are hunting down a suspect who believes the TV detective is real and will only talk to him. This gives Richard the perfect excuse to don his 80s outfit TV star – with the help of a girdle and a toupee – and us the perfect excuse to laugh along at his desperate antics.

It’s worth a watch if you have 90 minutes left on your flight time.


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