Live: The Damned (and Motorhead)

The Damned 2 Nov 2014Thank goodness we were able to take advantage of this gig, right behind where we live!

I’ve never seen either bands before or do I ever recall going to the NIA (the soon to be revamped/renamed National Indoor Arena in Birmingham) so last Thursday held some firsts for me.

I don’t know if I would have ever seen Motorhead if my boyfriend hadn’t been offered last-minute free tickets but I was delighted when I heard The Damned were supporting them. This was never a band on my list to see but for nostalgic reasons, I feel like I’ve ticked a good thing from my list now.

Motorhead are the loudest band I’ve ever seen, as Tim, who has seen them before, promised they would be. At first I thought I was having a stroke, then heart attack but finally, just a good time!

Any bands on your list you want to see? Please comment or tweet @RickieWrites

Photo courtesy of @Timmy666 The lone Mohican punk came & stood there just as the camera was coming out!

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