Light Switch Timer

Light Switch Timer

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Police advice is to leave a light on to deter burglars

Launched at the Gadget Show last month, this seems like an easy way to have lights coming on while I’m away without using up yet another socket. So I readily agree to have a review product!

The cradle was easily fitted to the switch plate although it didn’t fit in my ridiculously impractical modern flat! So the boyfriend’s mum readily accepted the challenge!

We felt the instructions about how to set present day and time were fairly straight forward. Before fitting the main piece into the cradle it’s necessary to change the position of wheels at the back according to whether your switch was one, two or three gang. (This one doesn’t fit four gang switches).

The instructions were easy to follow but the little spindle pegs on the wheels seem easy to break if you were not very careful. On the other hand, a fair amount of force has to be applied to push the wheels free and clip them into the required positioning indicated.

The unit slid into the cradle fitment without a problem and lights were turned on and off by pushing the relevant button. The wheels on the unit matched the positions of the light switches which is how it works. The mechanism is surprisingly noisy as the wheels rolled over the switches to alter their position and although the unit is removable, the cradle could catch on clothing so we need to be careful there but of course you can choose to have it where it’s most convenient.

Programming appeared straight forward following the instructions. It is useful to be able to change times for individual times of the week. It’s well designed  and  does the job satisfactorily and so great to use when going on holiday so that lights going on and off give the appearance of occupation.

Available for 1,2 or 3 gang switch currently at £27.99. Click here to check if it’s available for your fittings.

More info on this police accredited money saver here for you.

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