It’s a New Year, take on more

This time last year, I remember reading about all the lovely things people give up in January as part of New Year’s resolutions’. (or rather by now, given up on them). In the first instance, I‘m of the school of thought that if we want to change something about our life we can change it any day of the year; why wait for a cold January 1st to roll round?

However, this isn’t an anti-resolution rant; far from it. Despite being one of the world’s odd balls in that I love Winter (sorry) and don’t have any problems with January (truly sorry) – I go off on my travels and have a lovely break for Christmas week, Italy for the second year, but still look forward to coming back on the 1st and being refreshed and raring to go for the fresh new year ahead. (Again, I apologise).

What I’m advocating is that change is indeed as good as a rest so let’s make fun changes in January. Rather than giving up things you love (wine) to do things you despise (exercise) in the coldest, darkest month of the year, let’s take up piano lessons or even better crafting or baking; activities that can be done in the comfort of our homes whilst eating chocolate and/or drinking wine.

The time to give up is April, when you have warm summer months as an incentive to leave the house and jog round the park.

For now, here are some fun things to do in January:

  1. Do more list

    Take off your layers and go to a Spa. Go for a weekend if you can and with your friends.

  2. Throw a cosy staying home party, your friends will love you (even more) for brightening up their January and it will cost next to nothing if everyone contributes. It may even be another chance to wear that party dress you wore once or you can have a theme party.
  3. Start wearing bright colours. If you’re addicted to black, try wearing one new colour each week. You make like it.
  4. Book a holiday. If taking the winter off to go to sunny climes or skiing is a little extravagant, spend hours and hours planning your big holiday for the year. Make it an event in itself.
  5. Go away each weekend to see fun friends or beloved (obviously) relatives.
  6. Learn something new. Yes I know, you’ve always wanted to but ‘never got round to it’. Well I’m giving you a ‘roundtoit’ (get it?)
  7. Learn to cook or bake, painting, singing, learning a language, reading, starting a book (that old chestnut), dance class, picking up PC skills or horse riding.  If it’s something you want to do, now is the time.
  8. Have a sparkling 2012!

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