Film – Wonder Woman

Film – Wonder Woman

The cost of my Cineworld Unlimited card has rocketed up above everything else over the last few years. It started at £8.99 per month back in 2006 at which point it was excellent value if I went four times a month. In recent years, there is a smattering of films that come out in the awards season but since April, it’s been a struggle to find a film a week.

So that’s how I ended up seeing Wonder Woman even though I vowed never to see another iconic childhood TV series remade for the big screen after the disastrous Starsky & Hutch. I should have stuck to it.

There is one good storyline in the film, when the lead actually does what she should and prevents a catastrophe during the war. But why everyone loves it, I have no idea. It has all the cliques; perfect makeup and hair after days without a shower and several battles, falling for the first man who comes along – literally in the case of the all-female-island she has grown up in and tight, revealing clothes. I understand as a demi-god warrior in her home island, this is what they all wear, but in fully clothed 20th century London, why didn’t they put her in a trouser suit – at least while not fighting? Why is she running around in a mini skirt?

There may have been some great battle scenes but I was too dazzled by the shiny little outfit to notice them.



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