Film – Tully

Marlo (Charlize Theron) has just given birth to her third child. After being told her son (who to my untrained eye looks like he may be on the autistic spectrum) has been asked to leave his school as they can’t cope with him, she goes into meltdown. At this point she decides to take up her brother’s offer of paying for a night nanny.

The nanny, Tully turns up to take up her first shift and immediately we are thinking something is not quite right, and not only because she appears to be a reckless teenager. We then have to  endure witness, Tully being a super-nanny in that she immaculately tidies up, bakes cakes for the kids school without being asked and most bizarre, seems happy to have a threesome with Marlo’s husband to help rekindle the couple’s post-baby love life. (He’s the guy that played Berger in SATC and pretty much played the same sorry-don’t-hate-me character here. But still, nice to see a familiar face).

Back to Marlo, again to the untrained eye, even a blessedly person free-of-child such as myself, knows the best way to soothe a crying baby in your car is to drive rather than stay stationery. However without the crying baby soundtrack, Marlo wouldn’t have made the call to the free nanny. That in itself is made to be super innovative whereas I’m pretty sure you can hire nannies for as many or little hours as you need.

From the start, I found it hard to get past that her son didn’t appear to have any diagnosis as to what makes him ‘unique’ so that he can receive the type of schooling he needs.

When the penny drops as to what is actually happening, the film is more watchable. Unfortunately that happens towards the end.


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