Film – Their Finest

Film – Their Finest

During WW2, the impossibly named British actor Ambrose Hilliard (Bill Nighy) is reduced to playing parts in the government’s propaganda films. Catrin Cole (Gemma Arterton) is moved from her secretarial role to help with the scripts. The Ministry of Information is keen to give the films more authenticity and hope the female angle will make the film more credible.

In the course of her research, she finds out about a story of two sisters who ended up piloting a boat at Dunkirk and Catrin sets out to make this into romantic film with a happy ending. She joins the production and cast both on location and in London as the Blitz is happening all around them and the everyday goal is to survive.

Catrin has that lovely mix of naivety and strength despite her bread winner status not sitting well with her husband. I also like that her brief has to have a dog.

Feminism, love and war all have part to play although it’s a bit of a non-story. Anyhow, I’d make an effort to see most things with Bill Nighy and this is gentle, watchable film. Jeremy Irons and Richard E. Grant make fleeting experiences to add to the watchabiity.


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