Film – The Meg

Film – The Meg

Another Jason Statham film where you have to leave the reality check at the door and go in for the entertainment. Unless you believe there is a whole other world beneath the ocean. Well there could be, but there’s no proof.

In this one, The Stathe thankfully plays himself again, loosley disguised as an expert deep sea rescue diver. As per usual, an action (anti-) hero is dragged out of retirement. in The Meg, the lead oceanographer of a undersea observation program funded by a billionaire philanthropist (deliberate italics) realises they have unwittingly unleashed a monster, a Megalodon, and the exploration crew is stuck crashed at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. Add to this, his daughter who has done this kind of thing hundreds of times gets stuck down there trying to perform a rescue. So of course, she needs to be rescued by an older retired man.

Packed with silliness, the fact that the story line all too familiar is what gives us comfort during these dark days.

The (I think, Thai) cover of Mickey is guaranteed to put a smile on your face anyway. Watch.


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