Film – The Lego Movie 2

Film – The Lego Movie 2

The second installment of the Lego movie is a laugh-a-minute colourthon much like the first. However, last time you may remember, everything was awesome and now it is bleak. This time we go where no bricks have gone before.

We open with a new threat in the way of alien Duplo blocks, who are terrifying the Lego bricks. Lucy (of Everything Is Awesome fame) only finds solace in coffee these days. She, along with Batman and others get kidnapped by the Queen of Watevra who insists on marrying their leader but of course this being, Lego there is no leader. So Batman pops himself into this role and eventually agrees to marry her, hig ego refusing to ask why.

Lucy (the real leader) believes he and all of her other Lego folk are being brainwashed with all the Duplo music, hearts and positivity and Armamageddon is sure to follow. She builds resistance to the happy music although she has been separated from her best friend-not-boyfriend Emmett, the everyman construction worker.

In the real world, this is the point when brother and sister Finn and Bianca, who’s imagination we are observing, have to put their bricks into storage as their mum is fed up with them fighting over it. Hence our-mama-geddon. It’s them fighting rather than sharing that causes Lego and Duplo – their respective bricks to fight.

Stopping only for the odd teary moment, Lego Movie 2 is as sentimental and packed with messages as it should be. The audience will particularly feel for any lego characters that get trapped under their washing machine, banishing them to potentially years of crushing isolation. No kid will ever let that happen to their characters after seeing this.


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