Film – the Lego Batman movie

Film – the Lego Batman movie

The jokes are for the adults.

The story line is for kids.

This makes Lego Batman a perfect kids film with a gag – mostly funny – about 1 every 30 seconds

Once the antagonism between Batman and Superman is laid out, the film pokes fun at every superhero from Iron Man to the Turtles including some made-up ones like Condiment Man. This is bound to be the first in a series of themed Lego movies.

It runs with the plausibility that as well as villains, all superheroes are egotistical. The villains complete to be the worst while the superheroes fight to be the most liked. Much is made of Batman’s lack of family and so the adoption message is neatly raised.

The film suddenly remembers it’s a Lego movie and we see bridges being built brick by brick as and when the need arises. One of the moments of the film is when there is an audible click of two final Lego pieces finding each other.

Pure entertainment.


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