Film: The Disaster Artist

Film: The Disaster Artist

Amazing to think a true story such as this exists without me (us) knowing about it. I guess that’s one of the reasons we have films and books.

Based on a book about a film, The Disaster Artist is Tommy Wiseau (the unrecognisable, James Franco, who also directed, it’s all a bit autobiographical isn’t it?), who is said to have made the best, worst film ever, The Room (no, not heard of that either) back in 2003.

The mysterious Tommy seemingly has endless money and no-one knows where it comes from. He decides to make a film to help out his new friend, Greg (Dave Franco – the spitting image of his older brother) from acting class by giving him a role while he directs and stars in it himself. It’s not entirely made by amateurs as he hires a plethora of experienced staff to make it. But unfortunately he still has the final say.

I’ve never seen The Room but this is completely watchable because you are just waiting to a) see what he gets up to next and b) find out if the money ever runs out.


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