Film – Swades. We, the People

Film – Swades. We, the People

[I failed in my long search for finding a subtitled trailer]

2004 – seen on board Finnair from Hong Kong

I like to take in a world cinema film or two on flights and this appears to be a cult favourite.  Mohan works at NASA in the USA but for some unexplained reason has been thinking back to the nanny he left behind in India. This for an unknown reason is consuming him and he’s unable to concentrate on his very important science job.

So he is given 3 weeks leave to find his nanny and drag bring her to America. This part of the goes past quickly and simply. There are none of the searchings through dusty, poverty-stricken streets to find her. The film really started after his discovery of the nanny as that’s when he notices the ‘girl’ for the first time

It’s far from the league of The Lunch Box; it loses a mark immediately when it broke into song half-way through. And then again to have the man’s version of events. Take out the love story (something that Bollywood and/or it’s audience just can’t seem to do), I did enjoy seeing Mohan go back to his birth country and watch him change and witness the actions that finally adhered him to his nanny’s community.



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