Film – Stan & Ollie

Film – Stan & Ollie

And you shouldn’t regret rien either

What a glimpse into my early childhood this film is. I didn’t realise just how much I loved Laurel & Hardy. Having seen barely a whisker of any film in decades, I still remembered what happened in the clips shown and still laughed.

Having made their mark in the 1930s, this film shows when Laurel & Hardy came over to do a UK tour in the 1950s to try and get back into making films. It shows their devotion and deep respect for each other and I adored witnessing this as they tried to rekindle their partnership.

I’ve seen plaques around Birmingham (the Thai pub near Perry Barr?) and never understood how they ended up in the UK so late in their careers. This film tells me. I had no idea Stan Laurel (Steve Coogan) wrote all the material although clearly needed his partner to riff off. Their impeccable comic timing is from knowing each other so well and the actors nailed it.

A lot of prosthetics were needed and John C Reilly as Oliver Hardy clearly spent a lot of time in make-up but both clearly spent a lot of time both in front of the mirror and with each other. It’s genius casting

Both of their wives could have had their own film and/or double act as they were completely watchable.

I don’t think we realise how much today’s comedy has been influenced but these true comedy legends. As well as love and friendship, the film is filled with one liners.

Put on repeat. Utter joy!


Tear factor 9/10

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