Film – Sorry to Bother You

Film – Sorry to Bother You

In this comedy of the dark variety, Cash is living in his uncle’s (Terry Crews) garage, for which he is behind with his rent and in desperation, lies all through an interview at a telemarketing company. Turns out they love that he made up his CV and went to the trouble of buying fake trophies to show them they give him the job.

He doesn’t get on too well until a colleague (Danny Glover) advises him to use his ‘white voice’ (this voice played by another actor) and then he blossoms to the point of being promoted upstairs, a version of the executive, corner, window office. Cut to scenes of his new penthouse flat, however, his artist girlfriend (now also working at the same place to earn money) feels he has sold his soul and sticks with his former colleagues who are striking for better workers rights.

[As a trainer, I had to get past the language; if you are going to ‘bother’ someone, then don’t make the call. If you have something to offer they need or want, then it’s not a bother! Although that is exactly the way to go if you are selling something the customer doesn’t want].

So, the film is equal amounts cliches (rags to riches, tech billionaire god, salary beyond wildest dreams) and originality and thankfully the latter keeps you watching. It does remind me of the brazenness of The BlacKkKlansman which bought out the ridiculous of the KKK and this one highlighted how crazy it is to hail tech founders as gods and life for some is just about climbing the career ladder or money rather than family, love and experiences.

Sorry to Bother You goes into sci-fi mode in the latter third which for sure distinguishes it from pretty much everything else out there. Even though I lost my enthusiasm as the final part of the story unfolded, I have to give them points for being daring and unique.


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