Film – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Film – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Having never been into Star Wars the first time around, the wookies, or more specifically Chewbacca stole my heart on the reboots. Solo tells the story of when Han Solo met and befriended Chewie and acquired his own ship, the Falcon. But before we get to that bit, a few battles inevitably happen.

As an orphaned youngster, Han is forced to steal for criminals in order to survive. With his girlfriend, they steal some of the goods for themselves to bribe their way out of their particular hell.

All he wants to do is learn to fly and we catch up with him after he learns to do that and is again stealing. This time with an adult criminal gang headed by Beckett – another bad guy played by Woody Harrelson.

The lead is played by Alden Ehrenreich  who is certainly passable as a  young Harrison Ford.

Of course I love that Han meets Chewie but I’m also taken by the despair of people living in from hand to mouth, in an all-consuming criminal world and in fear.

It’s all new to me but for like any of the others, it’s a must-see. For me, mostly for the blessed Chewie.



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