Film – Shape of Water

Film – Shape of Water

The second of this year’s unusual films that I have had the joy to see this year, Shape of Water is more surreal but demonstrates yet another example of humans being the worst-behaved of all the species.

In 1962, Sally Hawkins plays Elisa, a mute night-time cleaner in a secretive government building alongside Zelda (Octavia Spencer) who looks out for her like a sister.

We are introduced to Elisa as someone who loves musicals and fashion and her best friend is equally lonesome neighbour, artist Giles.

Eliza realises that the big new discovery bought into her workplace facility in a tank is in fact a live being. A cross between a mermaid and man, Eliza begins to use sign language with him and he communicates right back. Although chained and tortured by the sadistic man in charge of the experiment, Eliza and Amphibian Man bond over boiled eggs as she sneaks in to spend each break time with him.

Throw in a Russian spy working to find out what Americans are up to and unwanted sexual advances from Mr Sadistic, this is visually and literally a fine example of what can happen when we just see the good in others.

Every time Sally Hawkins appears in a film she evokes emotion, be it smiles, tears or just sheer heart-warming joy. In this, typically, she does all three so superbly without uttering a word.




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