Film – Ready Player One

Film – Ready Player One

There was much excitement in the area of Birmingham I live when some of the scenes of this were filmed last year. They made our area (even more) run-down and Americanised our signage (even more) to represent Columbus, Ohio.

The second film I’ve seen that’s set in the future after Isle of Dogs, although this one much further in. Wade Watts was born in 2028 and his only family member is his aunt. Living in The Stacks, piled high, he has own unique way of sliding down the pile of boxes they call home and then spends every spare minute he has in The Oasis. This is the virtual world into which almost everyone escapes their (no) real life disguised as an avatar.

When the creator of The Oasis dies, he leaves behind a game in which the winner inherits his conception. The Oasis is where his best friend Aech exists and he meets Art3mis. Word gets out that IOI, the rival to Oasis, has a trained army to win the game so they can gain from the technology and inherit the business. But our heroes decide that’s a bad move and set out to defeat them to keep Oasis for the People.

During the game of the people vs corporates, we are treated to plenty of 80s references from Back to the Future to Terminator 2 and plus most of the soundtrack. As brilliant as this is, I’d like one film set in the future to be glorious rather than dystopian. Have we even had a film set in a good future since Back to the Future?


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