Film – Rampage

Film – Rampage


I was promised gorillas and I got them from the start of this incredibly silly but surprisingly fun film. Unfamiliar as I am with the science-fiction monster genre, Rampage managed to mix it well. We start in space with a research mission (well, they’re all research missions) going wrong and dangerous samples falling out of the sky into a park.

Meanwhile, back on earth Primatologist Davis (Dwayne Johnson), who is coincidently an ex-army killing-machine, like many of us, loves animals more than humans. One in particular, his best mate is a gorgeous albino gorilla,George. (Or gorilli as I’ve called it ever since the translations spotted at Prague Zoo) .

About half-way through, I’d decided the next being that comes to live with us (we currently have 2 primates, Marv and Maurice, the latter named after a character in Planet of the Apes) will be called George. So we already know who the hero of this movie is.

Unfortunately George encounters the falling objects from the sky and on contact with the pathogen becomes a super primate, growing bigger and stronger by the minute. At the same time a couple of other wild creatures are affected so right on cue, we have fights with a giant crocodile and sky scraper scaling fox with Davis and George in tow, trying to save the city and inevitably, the world.

As yet, there isn’t a buddy movie involving a giant gorilla and wolf and thankfully this didn’t become one, although at one point they were running through the city together, aiming for the same self-destruction goal.

Add in Doctor Kate (Naomie Harris) who is the genetic engineer turned whistle-blower that created the monster and knows there is a serum to reverse the effects on the animals plus the dubious Agent Harvey Russell and we have a few twists in the plot.

The downside is [spoiler alert] a gorilla would never eat a human but you know, it was a terrible human. As most are.



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