Film – Mission Impossible: Fallout

Film – Mission Impossible: Fallout

What I Iike about the MI films – and I never expected to like them – is the intelligence. Yes the action scenes of fighting and car chases have their place, but the real fun is when being chased to being able to know exactly which hole to jump into that will take you to safety. And being able to think on your feet quickly enough to get out of a certain death situation, or at least a certain failure.

There are so many twists in this, sometimes two or three in the same scene that I stopped second guessing quite early on. Mainly because no-one can be trusted out of the three main characters: Ethan, Luther and Benji. (Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg).

And in these days of being about to print a realistic 3D mask of anyone’s face in mere moments with your portable printing kit, even those trusted colleagues may not be who you think they are. Imagine the possibilities? You can send someone to do an interview for you to get the job. World leaders can send someone else to do a PR job while they get on with secret peace talks (not play golf).

There is no moment during this when you will think about your to-do list or reach for the sweets. It is a full throttle whether it’s about the intensity of hanging of a helicopter or cliff or chasing the bad guys through central (traffic-free) Paris.

Frankly, this is the film that others try to emulate. Or parody.


PS I could not find one clear photo of the three main characters. Anywhere. Bizarre.

Just this one with the lady (Ilsa) too.

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