Film – Lady Bird

Film – Lady Bird


Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan) is the teen in a catholic school who deems herself from the wrong side of the tracks, reminding me of the Pretty in Pink scenario. So it’s worth seeing just for that. This is also a sweet film looking at senior year covering first boyfriend, turning 18, the prom, losing virginity and applying for college.

We have the closet gay, the loyal, slightly overweight, talented best friend Julie and the absolute belief that clothes look better on other people, especially the richer folk in the beautiful big houses Lady Bird dreams about on the other side of the tracks.

Even her own mother (great to see Laurie Metcalf) doesn’t believe in her or maybe she is just trying to protect her only daughter from the inevitable upsets she expects to come her daughter’s way. Her recently laid off father on the other hand, dotes on her and they keep a fair few secrets from Mum, who’s now working double shifts to keep the house in order.

I loved the scene with the nun giving feedback on her essay about Sacramento, a city she is anxious to leave behind although the film shows it off pretty well, and Lady Bird writes about it with such love.

Don’t you think maybe they are the same thing? Love and attention?

The only oddity is that mobile phones were barely common in 2003 in New York, never mind in smaller cities and who asks a stranger what day it is – that scene grated on me but for all of 5 seconds.

But otherwise, Lady Bird is scene after scene of all kinds of marvellous. For once, I agree with all the Oscar talk.


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