Film – King of Thieves

Film – King of Thieves

Blind leading the deaf

Apparently the second film about the 2015 Hatton Garden robbery in as many years, although I didn’t hear about the other one, probably because it didn’t have Michael ‘if you tell a single soul about this and I’ll cut your balls off’ Caine in it.

And him, along with the other (what have cruelly describes as a geriatric, but) stellar cast is why you would want to see it.

The film rather dully features on the build up, the robbery and the aftermath. Only in the last quarter do we get a glimpse of the back stories, and then only of the lead character, Caine’s Brian Reader. I would have enjoyed it more for the film to go back in time to watch the geriatric’s heyday and what brought them to the criminal world. Watching them now is like walking into an old-people’s home as they happily reel of their ailments and ages. Except for Ray Winstone’s character, who is the youngest.

What exactly lead them not to trust one-another but still go into this job together? Can’t just be boredom?

Obviously the robbery was rubbish – that’s why they all (except for the clever young one) got caught, however, it’s still lovely to see the oldies  on the big screen. Although is Paul Whitehouse and oldie?



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