Film – Isle of Dogs

Film – Isle of Dogs

In the latest stop-motion animation, we are in a future universe where cats rather than dogs are man’s best friend and a Japanese Mayor deems them pests that carry an incurable plague. They are evacuated to the Isle of Dogs, ordinarily where waste goes and left to fend for themselves until their inevitable extinction.

But a group of students think differently and find out that there is a cure but the cat loving leader is keeping it a secret and fires the scientists responsible for it.

Add to this PM’s ward, his 12-year-old nephew, Atari, who misses his dog Spots, the first one to be evacuated and flies a plane to the island to find him. Here he befriends the main players, Rex, Duke, Boss, King and Chief who decide to help him

Considering no English is spoken, and only the dogs are translated for us, the message of this film is clear. Even the PM’s cat escapes his grasp and disappears once it’s had all it needs – a feed and cuddle.

An absolute delight.


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