Film: Incredibles 2

Film: Incredibles 2

Thank goodness the film drought is over.

It’s hard to believe the first Incredibles film came out in 2004. It doesn’t seem that long but then every year Pixar puts out something great so my childlike optimism is stoked.

Now the Parrs have three children including a new baby but being a superhero is illegal so they are looking at alternative ways to earn a living. Does the government pay superheros then? Anyway, right on cue, a philanthropist/millionaire/fan Winston Deavor comes on the scene and wants to invest in their future and prove that superheroes are still needed to help stop crime. Now they are needed to help stop Screenslaver, a cyber-criminal.

Deavor picks Mrs Parr – Elastigirl – rather than Mr Incredible to front a PR campaign designed to prove the need for superheroes. So Mr Incredible is left at home with the kids including baby Jack Jack who has yet to discover if he has powers. For Elastigirl, it’s the equivalent of not being around for her baby’s first step of first word but she has work to do. Her feminism and his reluctance to admit defeat as a hands-on father may be exaggerated for effect, but it still resonates.

This is an action caper with it’s heart joyfully set in the more innocent and simpler times of the 1960s Batman era.

It is indeed, time to get back to being incredible.


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