Film – First Man

Film – First Man

Yes there have been a few films made about the moon landings and this is not one of those. This is the story of Neil Armstrong; his background, what he’d done before and what lead him to be the first man on the moon.

Even I recognised the name Josh Singer as the writer – and I barely remember incredibly well-known actors names – as he wrote on the West Wing, my all time favourite thing on the small screen. He also had a hand in one of my favourite films Spotlight and The Post – based at newspapers, an industry I spent 13 years in. So this had to have something in it.

And yes, it does depict the personal story of Armstrong, mainly centered around the devastation of losing his young daughter. As promised there is very little sci-fi and a lot of drama as we learn close hand how primitive the tech was leading up to 1969 and how on earth did they actually pull this one-off feat off?

My only criticism is that Buzz Aldrin had a couple of lines, fair enough, it’s not about him. However he wasn’t portrayed well. There seems no need for that

Of course it does have the supporting  stay at home wife – it’s the 60s – but Mrs Armstrong comes across as a no-nonsense, smart lady.

Obviously if you’re a space geek, you’ll want to watch it, but it’s a stand-alone drama in any case.


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