Film – Early Man

Film – Early Man

Five weeks into 2018 and I’ve already seen my second animation. Early Man depicts the story of how football Fwas invented by the caveman/woman. Dug and his Stoneage tribe are ousted from their land – a familiar story today – by a more powerful man Lord Nooth who’s empire have moved on to bronze.

One day, Dug finds himself in Nooth’s city and realise the fancy empire people’s main pleasure is this thing called football. He makes a bet with the greedy Nooth, who is up to his ears in bronze coins already, that if his people can beat the unbeaten team of prima-donnas, he can get his land back.

The only thing is, he doesn’t know how to play it but chances upon a footballing girl called Goona who is desperate to play but isn’t allowed because she’s a girl. She agrees to coach the tribe and it’s the football side of this story that brings the most laughs as we hear about every ridiculous cliché about the modern game from bad refereeing to players caring more about their hair than the game.

‘They are a team, but they don’t play as a team.’

As well as the jokes, there are many brilliantly named characters including Queen Oofeefa and the pet boar, Hognob.

Well worth a watch.


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