Film – Creed 2

Film – Creed 2

I still dislike boxing but as with the others in the franchise, this is not about that. Once again we have the core topic of family with a side of dedication, pride and ambition.

I’d never watched any of the Rocky films until a trailer for Balboa peaked my attention and only afterwards realised it was another Rocky film. I went back and enjoyed up to Rocky 3 but abandoned 1V which is what Creed 2 is referring back to.

Adonis (I know!) Creed is the world champion sitting on top of the world, with his pregnant fiance Bianca and trainer Rocky (Sly Stallone) still by his side. He is being challenged by exiled Russian Viktor Drago who is the son of Ivan Drago, the man his father, Apollo (I know!) Creed was fighting when he died in the ring in Rocky lV.

As you can imagine, this match consumes him and whereas he’s a devoted father to his new daughter (would have been such a cliche if he had a son) his thoughts are clearly all over the place as he battles thoughts of seeking revenge for his father’s death and wondering what will happen to his young family if he is dealt the same fate.

I would have like to see more of the fiance, singer Bianca’s story that maybe will come next time? It is always great to see Mrs Crosby on the screen though!

It doesn’t feel as gripping as Creed and some of the script is suspect with  fair few obvious lines that you and I could have written. I like how it’s directed however, and I have to say even when Stallone isn’t in shot, he makes the scene. Which is quite blooming something.


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