Film – Coco

Film – Coco

It is Oscar season so all the contenders are out as usual but this year I feel the kid’s arena may already have peaked with Coco.

As with all the best made-for-kids films it hits a strong message home to the adults. As we head towards Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’ festival, we follow 12 year old Miquel’s journey of discover as to why his beloved music is banned by his extended family. We find that his great, great Grandmother banished it after her husband left her and daughter Coco to follow his musical dream.

She abandoned her own love of singing and trained herself to make shoes instead, which became the family business for generations. Except Miguel has this secret longing to just play guitar like his deceased hero Ernesto de la Cruz.

As he starts his quest to find out who is his Great, Great Grandfather that caused his family to banish music was, he finds out much more about his heritage. And we the audience learn, just how people honour their dead and why it’s important to never stop thinking about those we’ve lost.

I left the cinema mentally making a note of needing four photo frames for those I’ve lost just in the last 3 years. I feel the Day of the Dead traditions will be coming into our household this year too.


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