Film – Bumblebee

Film – Bumblebee

Given that there were six 80s tracks played within the opening scenes of Bumblebee, it was easy to realise it was set in the 1980s. A time before the internet, mobile phones and bland music.

Duran Duran, Nu Shooz, Steve Winwood, Wang Chung, Tears for Fears and rather brilliantly, Simple Minds all feature in the soundtrack which of course immediately draws many of us in. I haven’t been overtly into the Transformers movies and Bumblebee promised and delivered something different. After all, who doesn’t love a car that turns into a robot?

The film opens with civil war raging in Cybertron world and Bumblebee (real name B-127) is sent down by Optimus Prime to find a safe place on Earth for his fellow Autobots to come to.

He is found by soon-to-be 18 The Smiths fan, Charlie, who is still mourning the loss of her dad while her mum and little brother seemed to have moved on with a new man. Charlie finds solace in fixing cars like she used to do with her dad and this yellow, dusty old Beetle catches her eye.

The only thing is B-127 has also caught the eye of a government agency and thru think he’s an alien and therefore, the enemy. Ditto the two mean deceptions who track Bumblebees signal one down to earth to finish him off. 

Of course, she fixes it and along with the boy next door goes onto save the world. Or something like that. It doesn’t really matter, this is a lovely little adventure to witness.


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