Film – Black Panther

Film – Black Panther

Wakanda is an African country that could (would) have existed had slavery not happened. Far more technically advanced than today’s world due in part to ample supplies of vibranium, the thing that has been used in Captain America’s shield in the Marvel films preceding this one. A country hidden from the world, Wakanda’s tech enables pilots to virtually fly planes so humans are kept far away from danger, has planes that look like space ships that drop from thin air and most importantly has shoes that fit perfectly, automatically.

I haven’t had any interest in seeing many of the recent Marvel films but Black Panther is much more than a superhero and this is much more important than a superhero film. It feels original and is absolutely right for this time.

It is another history lesson for many about the slave trade and a cultural reference as to what’s going on today to keep the black population on the back foot, especially in the USA.

Black Panther is T’Challa who has just inherited the throne from his murdered father becomes superhuman when ingesting a heart-shaped herb as per tradition. However, fighting skills, strength and tech all play their part as he tries to finish the job of saving his kingdom that his father had started.

He is the king and therefore ruler of self- sufficient Wakanda a country that is hides itself from the rest of the world and lives in peace and harmony. Even the tribe that doesn’t want to live under the king’s rule lives in exile in acceptance.

All is going fine until a former soldier born and raised in California rather elaborately finds his way into Wakanda to claim what he believes his place on the throne.

The standout from the film – apart from the amazing tech – are the strong women characters; not one is just in the film as a love interest and it’s the king’s sister who is the super-geek in charge of all the amazing tech creations.

Can you imagine a world that doesn’t know racism or sexism?




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