Film – Baby Driver

Film – Baby Driver

Maybe I’ve had more than my fair share of car chases in action films, so while others have remarked on those in Baby Driver being remarkable, they seem distinctly average to me.

The film about the kid who finds himself as the go-to getaway driver for crime boss, Doc (Kevin Spacey) itself is fairly stylish, helped by the fact that it stays away from the familiar blood and guts. Instead, it sticks to killing those who get in the way of robberies with nice clean bullets.

After unknowingly pulling a childish prank at the expense of aforementioned Big Local Thief, Baby sets about doing a series of jobs for him as repayment. Unfortunately, as the seasoned crime film viewer knows, there is no walking away from crime. Often changing name, moving continents and plastic surgery makes no difference – in films, they’ll track you down and make you work.

And so, Baby gets drawn back in to protect his new love and his wheel-chair bound, deaf, foster dad, the latter being the most interesting as it explains Baby’s perfect lip-reading skills.

I felt the film over played the slickness of the lead, with headphones stuck in his ears to so the music covers the tinnitus caused by a childhood car accident. There’s only so much looking into windows and dancing at your reflection that can be afforded and it felt like those scenes were in the foreground just to soften the violent crimes.

Still, I didn’t look for the time or reach for many snacks so I’ll give it an extra point for that.


PS I see people are talking about the soundtrack like it’s ground breaking. It’s fine, just fine.

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