Film – An Inconvenient Sequel

Film – An Inconvenient Sequel

Everyone has their version of the meaning of life. My belief is that we are placed on this earth to enjoy it and then leave the world a better place than we found it. The human race is failing in that.

How people can look at the facts and then fail to see how we are killing the planet is outside my comprehension. If we use endless plastic bags and throw them in the sea, they will affect the fish and we won’t have it to eat. If we shoot poisonous gases into the air, it will affect the atmosphere – and our lungs. In conclusion, if we continue to do what we have been doing, we are eroding what precious little land we have left.

Fight like your world depends on it

This, the second of Al Gore’s documentaries sets out to give us the iceberg melting facts on just how bad we are at holding onto our planet. It’s a bit more filmy than I remember the first effort being a decade ago. This time, we follow the former Vice President around the world as he meets prime ministers, Silicon Valley billionaires and attendees of his climate training courses (no cost mentioned on these, I was bursting to know how you get on them).

Evidently there were some last-minute edits made to the film to reflect the current government of America pulling out of the Paris agreement. If the aim is to inspire us to do (even) more to save the planet, then this film fully succeeded.






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