Film – All the Money in the World

Film – All the Money in the World

Although the original, elderly Getty (Christopher Plummer) is depicted as an awful character, I found it difficult to have sympathy with any of the characters in the story of his grandson being held to ransom. Paul Getty was abducted while on the wrong side of the tracks but he is a teenager, exploring and working out his place in the world.

We learn his parents have long divorced and his Mum had no contact or financial support from the world’s richest grandfather. Getty point-blank refused the $17m ransom so as to not encourage others from kidnapping his other grandchildren. I did find myself questioning why Paul’s mum, Gail (Michelle Williams) kept the Getty name post-divorce as it does rather attract attention. But this is the 1970s and it’s probably easier to have the same surname as your child even now.

Gail makes many visits to various Getty mansions to convince him to pay but he’s too busy acquiring art. Eventually he puts an advisor, former CIA man Fletcher Chase (Mark Walberg) on the case and for the most part, he is the most likeable character.

Seeing how the relationships change during the months that Paul is missing is what makes this film a little bit interesting. It is weird that today we just think of philanthropy when we see the Getti name but it started so differently.



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