Fild – Wild Rose

Fild – Wild Rose

I’m expecting a gritty Glaswegian drama with Wild Rose, especially from the opening sequence. Instead, we got the Hollywood version which is cliché after cliché.  They’ve even given the lead a country name in Rose-Lynn when everyone else is Glasgow is called Sam, Susannah and Marion.

We have prison and a tag, drugs, drink, rudeness, estranged family, cash wages, lies and a dry, sunny Glasgow.

Other than the good performances, I have absolutely no grain of an idea what everyone is raving about. The soundtrack ain’t out of this world and there was no emotion from me until the closing moments (maybe I was just glad it finished) and I cry when I hear ANYTHING AT ALL from Glen Campbell.

We have the prison record for throwing a bag of heroin over the wall of a jail. Followed by the subsequent tag.

Then there is sex in the field, traumatising older people through rudeness and only after all of this we learn Rose has two children. The eldest of which is the probably the savviest person on the screen along with Julie Walters, who plays Rose’s mum. But neither she or the appearance of Bob Harris can save this plot. Who can actually like this girl?

In comes Susannah, the incredibly wet and naïve client, who (seems to do nothing for a living which really seemed to grate with me as her husband obviously has a super successful business) but whose house needs a daily clean from a foul-mouthed Rose-Lynn. The same Rose who steals her expensive whisky, lies about not having any kids and generally takes everything she is handed for granted is then rewarded with an email that lands with Bob Harris and first class ticket, (£489) and a wad of cash for a private meeting with him? I know he has raved about the film too but would his producer really have gone all the way to reception to find this lass from Glasgow?

Oh, and who pays weekly wages in cash?

In the Hollywood version of Glasgow, people can have an extravagant garden party in without any fear of rain. In every other film with a bleak storyline, rain is pretty much guaranteed. As it is in Glasgow, so they missed a trick there.

And just how do you do a day trip from Glasgow to London via a 5 hr train journey? The Bob Harris show (then) finishes at 8 pm and the last train back is before then.

Even with practicalities and continuity errors aside, this whole plot is unbelievable and don’t even get me started on Nashville. Wild Rose goes against everything I know about country music. Family comes first, and in any case, why can’t you look after your kids and follow your dream and/or career? Why does there have to be such a huge sacrifice? Being obnoxious and arrogant will get you nowhere in Nashville.

So many lines grated with me although this one made me splutter the most, ‘I should have been born in America, I’m an American’.

Funny, moving and brilliantly uplifting.


This is the subdued, kinder version of my take on the thoroughly irritating and unenjoyable, Wild Rose. I have kept the first draft though.


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