Film – Despicable Me 3

Film – Despicable Me 3

Former criminal Gru who previously adopted 3 little siblings now has a clever wife in tow and they are both agents for the Anti Villain League. He learns of a twin who’s custody went to his father at the divorce hearing. Dru inherited everything and now runs a pig farm, which is unlike any pig farm you can have imagined. He’s excited to take over his father’s criminal tendencies while Gru has renounced his old lifestyle.

This idea pleases the minions – the reason to watch these films – who are bored if they aren’t being challenged by being mischievous, even though they are actually incredibly good and still wonderfully cute.

Meanwhile, along comes Balthazar Bratt (long hair/bald patch), a former TV star turned super criminal who seems to steal the world’s biggest diamond just for the challenge.

The film’s adult appeal is through the scattering of 80s classics during the dance fights. If only all villains can settle arguments with a dance-off, this one is thinking he is Michael Jackson and has to put the heist music (Bad) before he can commit the crime.

As ever the story has a message and the Minions’ scenes make the film.

Now, who’s for a dance fight?




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