Coffee in Vancouver

Coffee in Vancouver

Interestingly on this Vancouver trip, all the new people I met wanted to meet in Bakeries. A mix of Italian, French or general. I was introduced to Truffles – the bf and went back there for a little lunch, Sciué, Tartine and  Faubourg, all pretty close to where we were staying; I walked everywhere!

What’s really unusual is the distinct lack of coffee loyalty cards. Truffles had one, although this was a new venture for them as ordinarily they are an up-scale catering company but not even the local BC chain, Blenz had one. I’m sure they did before!

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The institution that is Tim Horton’s I don’t except to.

Drinking coffee from Tim Horton’s and watching ice hockey, the Canucks in the Stanley Cup playoffs no less, seems to be as old-school Canadian as it can get.

They have an app anyway and they are so ridiculously cheap, a couple of $$s for their huge French Vanilla drink (it’s a comforting hot, sweet drink rather than a coffee) and my staple night-cap.

If I fancy a change to that’s it’s London Fog. I’ve talked about it many times on here, I first had it in Montreal where when I enquired, I was told if I’d like it if I like chai latte. It’s only years later that I did discover the tea bag in it is Earl Grey. I hate tea – especially Earl Grey! And yet I love this!

Talking of which, no trip to Vancouver is complete without a visit to 49th St Parallel in Kitts were Morph (@NotMorph) eyed up the fabulous Earl Grey and Lavender doughnut.

Before all of this, every morning started with a coffee in bed and during the week, breakfast at home with a view.



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