Breakfast in Vancouver

Breakfast in Vancouver

These photos are the reasons why I only had pancakes for breakfast once and on the last possible day during 11 days in Vancouver. There is just so much choice!

Yes Vancouver, like New York is a going out to eat city. There are so many cheap places to eat sitting alongside the ever-growing ‘fine dining’ brunch places. We barely repeated, except I think I had French Toast twice, as I had to have it at Century Plaza, our regular hotel until this trip’s Airbnb experience.

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A couple of our regulars, sadly, were closed. My pancakes places, Chez Faye has gone from Yaletown and the diner on Davie Street around the corner from us has been taken over and yet to reopen. I’m looking forward to going back there next time.

Everywhere is busy although we avoid the tourist traps that have lines outside the door at the weekends. One my all time faves Joe’s (in 2 locations in West End + others) who sure have people queuing outside after about 11 on weekends but they are as down to earth as they come and clear tables quickly to get them in. I just get there before 10 usual!

Each weekday, I made coffee for us in bed with a little snack, followed by breakfast with a view from our apartment, as we were quite booked up with people to meet individually. So, we only had the opportunity to eat breakfast together over the Friday to Sunday weekends, but still that’s seven breakfasts out and each one different!

I love the spinach frittata in Oakwood in Kits; when other days often mean syrup and a sugary start to the day, this came with salad and felt pretty healthy for 11am! The other savoury winner served everywhere, including Cosmic Café, is the home fries. I love a good smattering of savoury breakfasts!

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We even had late breakfast/lunch at my favourite local coffee place Melriches. Somehow, with no kitchen to speak off they manage to have a huge and varied menu.

Yes we have breakfast/brunch places in Birmingham and around the UK but we lack the variety. I haven’t been able to face Eggs Benedict for a couple of years or more and don’t like bacon. We need more choice other than egg and bacon dishes!

Cost was around $7-15 for most breakfast plates – I really didn’t notice – and coffee is cheap and plentiful at every table setting we melted into.


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