Book: The Space Between by Kristie Cook

Book: The Space Between by Kristie Cook

The Book of Phoenix Part 1

What a strange unusual book!

It swaps between 1989 and 2012 and features two sets of people, both of whom are destined to meet. What we are waiting to find out is, why?

At first we are introduced to Leni, a dancer on tour in Italy who assures us this is her last tour and she has to go back to reality and look after her elderly uncle back in Atlanta, America. Only when she gets back, he’s gone, someone else is living in the house and she is reported by neighbours as an imposter.

While on tour, Leni meets Jeric, a deaf, womanising model who then happens to turn up in her home town too.

Meanwhile, back in 1989, orphan Jacey has to go home for her grandfather’s funeral only to find he doesn’t exist. While trying to find some answers as to why her past life is disappearing, she meets Micah and they seem destined to find each too.

Without giving away too much of the plot, you have to read on to see what connects them but seeing them lose their history is both chilling and compelling– a bit like having your Facebook account wiped out. As it’s set in America, where you barely exist unless you have a credit card, it’s even more eerie.

Despite it being thoroughly relevant to their bonding the couples have to experience for the story, I found the constant, descriptive sex scenes excessive and after the first couple, quite boring. But in the main, it is a page turner and a fairly easy read, as long as you remember which couple you are reading about! 

It’s the first in a trilogy so I may one day pick up the follow up. In any case, this book came via a recommendation but I cannot remember who it was!

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