Book – The Bride’s Tail by A.A. Abbott

Book – The Bride’s Tail by A.A. Abbott

In this, the first of A.A. Abbott’s revenge trail series, we are introduced to a web of characters all somehow linked, despite being based in both London and Birmingham. The locations are typical for the author, having worked or lived in both, she shows an intimate knowledge of the cities.

As the description suggests, there is a heap of crime and a tonne of revenge although the bride part of the title refers to a minor part of the plot, a realisation, for someone such as myself, who is indifferent to weddings, was relieved to learn.

The book centres on the bored marketing bod who got the job after her father pulled a few strings who lives with socialite Kat with a chequered past we come to explore.

The characters are many and so closely linked, we are constantly wondering when they are going to learn what we already know, which is what makes this pacey, crime novel a light, easy read. I say that as crime is far from a genre I’m comfortable reading, so you’ll enjoy this too if you prefer to have a wide mix of fast-moving characters to keep you interested throughout.

I’ve got the next three in the series lined up and I’m looking forward to finding out what Kat did next.

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