Book: Girl In a Band – Kim Gordon

Book: Girl In a Band – Kim Gordon

This book comes highly recommended by a couple of writers, in view of the fact I’m editing my own memoir at the moment.

I’ve not come across the author but I’m familiar with her band, Sonic Youth. And yet despite their 30 year career and having read the book that scatters the song titles, I’m still none the wiser as to the music!

The book chronicles everything from childhood, the band and her 27 year marriage and divorce to fellow band member Thurston. Maybe that’s what prompted the my side book?

The author clearly respects the likes of Nirvana and that, for some reason draws me away from finding Sonic Youth on You Tube. It’s amazing that a non-mainstream band can last so long, make a good living and the singer manages to diversify into film, art – her first love – books and all sorts of things, being flown across to France, Japan and other far-flung places from her NY base to play at this or perform at that. And I still can’t recall a single track – I listen to radio all day long! I guess I’ll recognise a track next time I hear it.

I’m wondering whether her frequently discussed middle class LA roots have more to do with these doors opening than anything else? The remarks of visits to England or more infuriating, visits to Europe, as Americans so often dismiss the continent in a word, seem highly inaccurate. But now I’m thinking are Americans reading my book going to dismiss my sweeping statements about their country? In fairness, I’ve probably visited it more than Ms G has ‘Europe’ – in and out of hotel rooms and venues doesn’t really mean you see the country does it?  It doesn’t matter though, it’s only the author’s opinion and that’s just fine.

I much preferred Patty Smith’s Just Kids depicting 1970s New York than this 1980s version (especially as I started visiting the city in 1989 anyway) but it is well written as you would expect with someone with 30 years of writing experience which includes stints as magazine writer.


Inspiration factor 7/10

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