Bassbuds: more bass for your bucks

I had a feeling that these would come in some snazzy packaging and then when I saw the size of the box, I knew I was right.

What I immediately liked were the spare ear buds (silicone or memory foam) that come in 3 different sizes and you can buy spares too (from £2.95). There is a very handy button on them to either mute the music or work with your phone and the blue Bassbuds come with smart-looking bronze coloured thick cord which doesn’t tangle.

The Bassbuds come in 20 different colours and there is a neat little bag that fits both your headphones and the MP3 player (or similar) also available as an extra (£3.95).

The launch price of £34.95 is a lot less than comparable headphones which can go to three or four times as much and the sound is excellent, even when plugged into my trusty net book to listen to the radio via the internet. They are known to work with any smart phone and oh, the Swarovski crystals sure make them look pretty (although I know there is a technical reason for using them too).

If you’re thinking of buying them, the money back if not satisfied guarantee should help as well as the 12 month warranty and refreshingly there is a standard non-expensive land line to call them on if needed: 0121 532 5024.

Bassbuds offer great customer service via Twitter to on @Bassbuds too. More information on the website

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